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TractionDrive™ - Electric Assist


TractionDrive™ is a state of the art, rugged, dependable e-trike solution. This unique, high-torque transmission system will deliver our maximum load capacity over greater distances and over the most challenging terrain. TractionDrive™ takes the strain out of the most demanding operations. Tried and tested under the most extreme conditions, the TractionDrive™ has proven itself to be highly reliable.

The CM TractionDrive™ system comes complete with fully integrated LED lighting, which includes brake lights, indicators and auxiliary outputs to match our body modules which are easily connected to the chassis.

Compatible with these chassis: -
S700 chassis
S900 chassis
S910 chassis

TractionDrive™ Features and Specifications

System Voltage – 12v

Single Mechanical Gear Ratio – Can be Fine Tuned to Application

Battery Supplied - 1 x 100Ah Lead Acid AGM, Battery Compartment 33 cm x 20 cm x Max 28 cm

Battery Management – Battery Indicator with Low Voltage Cut-off to protect battery

Controller – Industrial Standard

Charger – 25A 12 Volt

Electronic Throttle

Pedal Sensor for Safety

Fused Protection on Control and Traction Circuits

Motor – Permanent Magnet Brushed DC Pancake Motor 250 Watts Continuous Rated

Chassis Connects to Body via 7 Pin Automotive Connection

Handlebar Mounted - Front LED Headlight, Front LED Indicators on Rubberised Stalks, Horn

Body Mounted - Front Facing LED Side Lights, Rear Stop and Tail LED Lights, Rear LED Indicators

Dash Mounted LED Ignition On Indicator

USB Charging Socket on Handlebars

Aux Supply – 12v Auxiliary Supply in Body

Front and Rear Brake Switched Stop Lights

Cycles Maximus Drives: -

RideDrive™Pedal Power Drive technology, simple and effective
PlusDrive™A sturdy electric assist, efficient integration of pedal and electric Drive sources
TractionDrive™A dependable rugged combination of technology and cycle Drive systems
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