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RideDrive™ - Pedal Power

Pedal detail

Pedalling is the most sustainable power source, and for many riders it is the purest form of cargo cycling. RideDrive™ is our standard Pedal-Power transmission setup. A simple, though technologically advanced cycle system using CM and quality OEM components from the best manufacturers around the world. Here, they come together in a virtually friction-free setup with many options to suit rider, style and terrain.

RideDrive™ has been developed to harness the very best performance from human power alone. It is a rugged transmission that won’t let the rider down and will give long and trouble-free service on a well-maintained Trike.

Compatible with all our chassis: -
S700 chassis
S810 chassis
S900 chassis
S910 chassis

RideDrive™ Features and Specifications

Forged Alloy Crank 48 Tooth

Shimano Bottom Bracket

Sram Mech and Trigger Shifters

Pre-Stretched Stainless Steel Gear Cables in 5mm Reinforced Outers

SRAM HUB 3x8 11-32 Cassette

SpeedDrive or MountainDrive Upgrade Available

Differential Final Drive with Choice of Gearing to Suit Rider and Terrain

Nickel Plated Drive Chains

CM Spec Roller Chain Guided tensioning

Ergonomic Bar Grips

Max Bell

Cycles Maximus Drives: -

RideDrive™Pedal Power Drive technology, simple and effective
PlusDrive™A sturdy electric assist, efficient integration of pedal and electric Drive sources
TractionDrive™A dependable rugged combination of technology and cycle Drive systems
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