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Pedicab Rickshaw Trike

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Carry three passengers with this innovative take on the classic Pedicab Rickshaw concept

Passenger carrying is an important part of the Cargo Trike world. Working in partnership with local communities, Pedicab Trikes can provide huge value as an urban transport solution, with local and global environmental benefits

The CabTrike™ is the result of three generations of design within CM

Through years of intensive development we have incorporated the key requirements of the rider, the passenger and the operator into this sleek design that fits our Series 900 Trikes and offers excellent branding and advertising potential. Made from durable, robust materials, the CabTrike™ remains elegant and comfortable while commanding a superior presence on any street with its unrivalled streamlining and class. This industry-leading module will allow your passengers to travel in safety and style

Compatible with this chassis (mini version here). Price below for a complete Trike hand-built to last

CabTrike price
S900 chassis

CabTrike price
S900 chassis

The electric power for the CabTrike™ above is called ⚡ PlusDrive™. To upgrade to ⚡⚡TractionDrive™ costs an extra

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In keeping with the Cycles Maximus spirit of no compromise, we feel it is important to include our LightsPlus lighting system in the price of our Electric Assists.

Prices are in GBP and exclude VAT and Delivery. In Europe VAT applies unless Business to Business Sale. *USD $ and € Euro prices shown are guide prices only; please contact us for a personalised offer.

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We reserve the right to change prices without notice

"It is a bloody work of art, this cycle of yours...I've had countless comments from drivers and even bystanders. The cycle is rock solid. It's integrity is something to behold. Everyone is impressed; it looks like nothing else on the street here in NYC. The seating capacity is awesome. The frame seems indestructible - and the colour is striking too" ~ Gregg Zukowski, NYC

Overall CabTrike™ Dimensions

Length 240 cm, Width 119 cm, Height 178 cm (113 cm Without Hood)

Cab Body Features

• Fits Series 900 Chassis
• Seat Width 116 cm - Fits 3 Adult Passengers
• Load Capacity 250 kg
• Stainless Steel Passenger Grab Rail
• Safety Belt as Standard
• Lockable Storage Compartment Below Seat
• Easy Removable and Durable Hood Structure
• Smooth Stainless Steel Surround Rail
• Good Rider and Passenger Visibility
• Tough Seat and Floor Material
• Good for Full Vinyl Wrapping and Branding Stickers
• Integrated Tough Plastic Mudguards with Front and Rear Facing Full-Width Reflectors
• Simple Lighting or Full LED Lights Available
• Standard Colour Silver

Upgrades Available

All Weather Wrap,  Custom Hood Fabric Colours

'Some Rickshaws are low tech - and some are space age. The Cycles Maximus Trishaw has gone for quality and performance'
EnCycleopedia 2000

Colour options

Colour Chart

Please note that this colour chart is only an approximate guide - computer monitors and graphics cards etc. can show these colours differently

'Our Cycles Maximus Pedicabs are very popular with riders and passengers alike; a great British innovation'
Neil Adams, Bugbugs Ltd - London Pedicab Operator


Cycles Maximus CabTrike Rickshaws at Kew Gardens image by - follow this link for more Rickshaw images

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'Our goal with The Joy Ride Pedal-Limos is to set ourselves apart from other Pedicab companies by offering a better quality ride, and the Cycles Maximus have helped us succeed. Compared to other models, our cabs are by far the most stylish and distinctive-looking from a design standpoint, and the ride is really smooth and solid. The turn radius is incredible! Passengers really love how much room they have in the seat, and advertisers love how good their signs look on the cab. The upright handlebars seem specifically designed to make uphill and heavy rides easier on the driver, while maintaining a healthy ergonomic position. Overall the Cycles Maximus Pedicab is a great product and an intelligently designed vehicle'
Andre Roman, The Joy Ride Pedal-Limos Company, Denver, Colorado

CabTrike - Pedicab Rickshaw

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