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Our long term vision is to continue to lead in the development of global industry standards for quality and reliability in the Cargo Trike and Pedicab Rickshaw market. We strongly believe that the cycle is the best platform for the majority of local highway transport and off-road utility vehicles. Our designs are proven by the fact that countless copies of the 'Maximus Type' trike are now being produced. We learn so much from our customers and use the lessons learned in our design process. We are keen to broaden the impact of our trikes into developing countries and explore local production models across the globe

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Our vehicles are being used internationally in: -
Australia Sydney, Perth, Darwin Austria Vienna Barbados Bridgetown Canada Prince Rupert BC Channel Islands Jersey Denmark Copenhagen England London Estonia Talinn France Ales, Paris, Lille, Rousillon, Toulouse, Gambia Banjul Germany Berlin, Munich, Hamburg Lithuania Vilnius, Panevezys Morocco Rabat Netherlands Amsterdam, Den Haag, Zwolle Norway Oslo, Stavanger Panama Colon Portugal Entroncamento Scotland Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Oban Spain Benidorm, Ibiza Switzerland Geneva U.A.E Dubai USA New York, Washington DC, Denver CO, Moodus CT, Austin, TX

Cargo Trikes, Pedicab Rickshaw, Custom Build

Cycles Maximus offers complete vehicles and component parts that are generally not available in the standard cycle market. We are committed to the development and manufacture of a wide range of unique parts and systems to our exacting standards, raising the bar, pushing forward the Cargo Cycle movement

High Capacity Cycles - Pedal and Pedal/Electric Power

'Our business could not function without tricycles from Cycles Maximus' Andrea Casalotti, "Zero Couriers" Central London

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