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General Features and the Modular Trike Design Explained

We were the first with modular trikes in 1999. Shown here are our Original Trikes to illustrate the modular body concept

 Will Vaughan - Hereford Pedicabs and Cargo

Unique Modular Design
Rolling Chassis

You can add any type of body.... make: -

General features that apply to the CabTrike™, Custom Flatbed, Cargo and Media Trike vehicles in general, regardless of body option

These high tech machines combine advanced manufacturing methods with the highest quality components available, to make the
Maximus a vehicle for many commercial and domestic applications such as:

Pedicabbing - people movement
Environmental waste movement
Goods transfer
Low noise applications – film sets
Inner city, rural, local transport
Indoor use
Courier deliveries
The School run
Promotional Campaigns
Farming and off highway Utilities use
Mobile Retail or Catering outlet
Getting the Bride to the Church on time!

Cycles Maximus is committed to supporting our customers and providing comprehensive after sales service

Gregg Zukowski, NYC

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Excellent rider visibility maximising rider awareness and vehicle safety
Highly Manoeuverable – differential drive through 20mm hollow axles, smaller front wheel for strength and great steering, easy to ride
Large Capacity – 250kg payload Cargo Trike or 3 adult passenger Pedicab
Powerful Braking – Double hydraulic rear, no drag, motorcycle discs at 230mm and front hydraulic rim or disc brake depending on specification
Extremely Reliable – This vehicle will rarely need mechanical attention, however it is easily maintained with simple tools and has a low running cost
Rapid Spares Service
Safety Features – Parking brake, wheel, axle and differential covers, safety cable on body.
• Rubberised Suspension - on all Body types
Heavy Duty Tyres- Puncture Resistant Moped Tyres all round. Tyres can handle kerbs without pinching, and resist sharp objects
Electrical Upgrade Options – standard trike can be upgraded to electrical assist as Factory or Retrofit
Durable Strong and Lightweight
Slow Depreciation
Upright High Visibility riding position. Step-through frame allows rider to hop on and off either side of the vehicle
Advertising and Branding Opportunities – Attract extra income by selling the high impact appearance of your trikes
Quality Engineering – carefully designed for maximum strength, minimum weight. Braised steel chassis Bars and forks. Tig/Mig welding on Cargo Hood Seat and components. Constructed from speciality Steels including Seamless, T45 and Stainless Steel
Access All Areas - compact design, at 1.2m / 4ft wide it really fits through most gaps
Highly Visible – Supplied with LED front and rear lights. Front, side and rear visibility reflectors are also fitted as standard. Option for full 12V lighting loom with indicators and brake lights. Powder coated choice of colours, bright yellow as standard
Proven to work in all continents
Modular design - maximises on standard parts and with the modular approach of Cycles Maximus, along with quality control, ensures these vehicle components are available and interchangeable
Adjustable frame – leg length and arm reach fully adjust to fit all riders. Tall handlebar design allows the rider to adjust back and forth for comfort and arm length

Gear Shifter Quick Release
Trans Axle
The Crank
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Standard colours are yellow and silver, which we generally have in stock - other colours have to be made to order

= RAL Number
Please note that this colour chart is only an approximate guide - computer monitors and graphics cards etc. can show these colours differently

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Graeme Rivett MD. London Pedicabs

Jean-Charles MULLER Cyclorama, Strazbourg, France

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