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Setting New Standards

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Investment pays off

Our lengthy development phase has reached a conclusion, the new products are now better value than ever.
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Series 900 Classic PickupTrike™ Revealed

The New Chassis - Revealed

Our Story

Since the launch of Cycles Maximus in 1999 we quickly achieved a worldwide reputation in trike production. We ceased
manufacturing our Original Cycles Maximus Trikes in 2009, this trike was probably the most advanced trike ever produced - but we knew we could do better. Much of the time since has been devoted to reinventing ourselves and evolving our techniques and product hardware. Following more than 3 years development we are now producing our Series 900 trikes. We are aware that many businesses are built around our products and take seriously our responsibility to deliver the very best in our products and services. Since the spring of 2014 we have been back in production and delivering Trikes once again

CabTrike™ (Pedicab)
We have concentrated on simplicity lightness and style, with maximum space available for media and advertising on our new Cab body. The Cab is still designed for 3 people and uses the same tough seat mesh material

Cargo PickupTrike™
We have completely redeveloped the Cargo Pickup streamlining the design while keeping the classic look.

Cargo VanTrike™
Our new high volume secure delivery option is also excellent for branding. We have provided a smooth and continuous streamline surface around the full Van body. This will help the image of any courier operation and the significant second income opportunities of this high-grade advertising 'real estate' are not to be missed. We expect to supply our Vans to many leading edge multi drop pioneers in 2015-2016

Custom FlatbedTrike™
For all those customers who either want to get going on a Cycles Maximus at the lowest possible price or have ambitions to build their own business around the mobile platform of one of our trikes we offer the Custom Flatbed Body. This is available at 1275mm long x 1080mm and 940mm wide.
Electric Assistance
We will be offering 2 options of electric assist: -

CMDrive™ Chassis - This solution is perfect for adding the assistance that many people want for our trikes. Giving reasonable range and torque assistance for most applications we expect to fit this system to many of our trikes.

TractionDrive™ Chassis - Based on the Cedric Lynch motor this trike can go anywhere at slow speed. We offer this option to customers with demanding hilly terrain, consistently heavy loads or off road conditions.

Service and Spare Parts
We are building up a new and comprehensive spare part service for new and original trikes, we appreciate that our customers require a rapid response to their spares needs in information and hardware for and we will be providing this in 2015 and beyond.

We are tapped into a vast knowledge base for our industry. We know that our customers can help each other so will be making resources available for easy exchange of ideas between our existing and future users of our vehicles. We are working on an online forum for Cycles Maximus users and hope to have this live later in the year. We appeal to all customers to send in their thoughts on this matter and any information that you may want to share please send it to us and we will use it to build up this resource.

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