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Pedicab Rickshaw - our CabTrike™

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New Pedicab Rickshaws that are a joy to ride

Cycles Maximus have updated the rickshaw for the 21st Century with a seat that will carry three passengers in style and comfort

There are now hundreds on the streets of London, the Pedicab offers environmentally sound, quiet and fast people transport, and it is a great way to earn a living for Riders and Operators. Around the world, the Cycles Maximus Pedicabs are the riders first choice

Carries 3 adult passengers in comfort
Safety belt
Opportunity for large income from advertising

Easily interchangeable with other bodies due to it's Modular Design
Optional Weather Guard, protecting passengers from cold and rain

Can be stored on its back to save space

Lockable box under the seat for storage of the riders belongings

Roof that folds flat, so that the trike can be  stored on its back, taking up less floor space. This also enables compact delivery on a 1.2M/1.2M (47") pallet

Jean-Charles MULLER Cyclorama, Strazbourg, France

All Cycles Maximus trikes feature: -

• Hand-built, rugged construction
• Differential drive
• High specification components
• Lightweight with aircraft-grade steel
• Hydraulic brakes
• Choice of interchangeable bodies
• 24 speed transmission (except

Electric Assist option
all of this results in a tricycle that is: -
• Extremely reliable
  • Simple to maintain
• Highly manoeuverable
  • Very economical to run
• Easy and comfortable to ride
  • Zero pollution

Please Contact Us to find out about finance, insurance and Pedicab Association membership.
Cycles Maximus is a founder member of LPOA- London Pedicab Operators Association.

Andre Roman -The Joy Ride Pedal-Limos Company - Denver, Colorado

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Richard Ballantine 'Richard's 21st Century Bicycle Book'

Neil Adams, Bugbugs Ltd. - London Pedicab Operator

Gear Shifter Quick Release
Trans Axle
The Crank
Click images above to enlarge

Standard colours are yellow and silver, which we generally have in stock - other colours have to be made to order

= RAL Number
Please note that this colour chart is only an approximate guide - computer monitors and graphics cards etc. can show these colours differently

EnCycleopedia 2000


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Hood shown folded down
Pedicab parked vertically with folded hood

The Sliding quick-change Advertising Board (see below)
Opening 'The lockable Boot' - Storage Space

Passenger Seat Belt

Gregg Zukowski, NYC

A to B magazine

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Graeme Rivett MD. London Pedicabs


The new Cycles Maximus Pedicab body has been designed with advertising in mind.
Shown on the image below are the specific spaces on which advertising or
branding could be placed.
Please download* our PDF to view an enlarged version of the image below

* You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer for this

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