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Electric Assistance for our Trikes

Fits easily into our Standard Chassis

We are offering 2 options for electrically assisting your Maximus trike. Soon to be announced will be our CMDrive™
spec and features. Our speciality vehicle is the TractionDrive™ Chassis upgrade - details are shown here

Heavy loads up steep hills? No problem with CM TractionDrive™ Electric Assistance

Designed for getting 250Kg up steep hills. The CM TractionDrive™ Maximus is simply the
best money can buy. This is combined with a unique transmission drive including the
Double Freewheel Transaxle combining rider and high torque Lynch motor power, through
differential drive, to the rear wheels. Designed to get the vehicle, rider and a 250 kg
load up a 20% hill. A formidable electric assisted workhorse

Pre-production prototypes: -

Street legal 12-Volt System

Three terrain-gearing options:
Flat, undulating and steep
Max Spec 72Ah sealed deep cycle Lead Acid AGM
Battery has extremely high Energy/Weight density
and excellent overall performance
Pedal Sensor allows hill starts
Up to 30 mile or 48 Km range
Supplied with fast three stage fully automatic charger
Standard DIN power connectors
4.5M charging leads
PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) motor controller
enabling maximum energy efficiency
Twist-grip throttle control
Intelligent battery “Fuel Gauge”
Auto battery Cut-off when discharged
Fused control and power cables
Ignition and removable isolator key
All cables have maximum efficiency and lifespan
Electric components rubber isolated from vibration
Recharge from Mains*
Economical – pence/cents per day

Obtain your mains electricity from a renewable energy supplier for total emission-free use


A to B magazine

Richard Ballantine 'Richard's 21st Century Bicycle Book'

Original TractionDrive™ type trike chassis for reference: -

If the vehicles are to be used on public roads, it is the users responsibility
to check the local road traffic regulations

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