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About Us - Designing and Manufacturing in the UK

We are owned and managed by the original team and our strategic partners. We have a new office and workshop premises near Bath England and have a full compliment of skills in our team including design, fabrication, production and customer service. We are dedicated to supplying the highest quality vehicle solutions where pioneering design and craftsmanship combine to provide viable alternatives to the internal combustion engine

Cycles Maximus trike

Our Vision

Our long term vision is to continue to lead in the development of global industry standards for quality and reliability in the lightweight vehicle sector. We strongly believe that the cycle-based machine is the best platform for the majority of local highway transport and off road utility vehicles. Over the years we have resolved many of the issues that have faced us  in terms of availability of parts and design solutions in this important market, our designs are proven by the fact that countless copies of the 'Maximus Type' trike are now being produced. We learn so much from our customers and love to feed back the lessons learned into our design process, our new designs reflect all our knowledge and all of our customers experiences. We are keen to broaden the scope for the use of our vehicles into developing countries and environments, where we think our vehicles would be highly appropriate such as disaster relief

' cyclist transported three children in safety and comfort...that's hard to do without a car' - A to B magazine

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