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Rickshaw Chassis

CM Chassis Series 900

The Series 900 Cycles Maximus Trike is the new generation Modular Trike System, where drive systems and body applications can be set up to achieve a wide variety of functions. Series 900 denotes the standard chassis length and body fit. The Original and Series 900 Trikes are equal in size and basic functions. To transport a Series 900 is easy in small vans and on trailers. The style and scale of the machine is friendly in urban and domestic settings.

This is a comprehensive range whose dimensions just work. The CM Series 900-910 is fully supported with spare parts and consumables

CM Chassis Series 910

Pushing the boundaries of Cargo Cycling, Cycles Maximus offers the Series 910 range, The chassis is simply 10cm longer than the Series 900, allowing a higher capacity payload to be carried sensibly. Today’s commercial operations require higher cubic volumes or weight capacity. The Series 910 is comfortable with high volume and 300 Kg loads, the positions of the wheels relative to the load is well balanced and the CM electric drive systems integrate with the Series 910, creating a capable and appropriate vehicle for the demanding daily routine in any tough environment.

Overall Trike Chassis Dimensions Series 900 - Length 240 cm, Width 119 cm, Height 115 cm Series 910 - Length 250 cm, Width 119 cm, Height 115 cm

Chassis Series 900 and Series 910

Frame – Hand Built with Lightweight Oversize Steel Tube Space Frame – IP Protected Design, 3 Year Warranty

Forks - Cycles Maximus configuration Steel Tube, Disc Brake and Through-Axle, 3 Year Warranty

Body Fitting – Series 900 and Series 910 Standard 3 Bolt Modular Body Fixing System

Wheels - All Wheels on 17” Rims and 2 ¼” Moped Strength Tyres (19” Rims Possible with Frame Geometry)

Handlebars - Classic Cycles Maximus Oversize BMX Type

Stem - BMX Type 1 1/8” Ahead 4 Bolt Clamp

Saddle – Sprung Comfort

Bottom Bracket – Sealed Shimano

Crank - Standard is Single Ring Forged Aluminium

Pedals - Platform BMX Type, 9/16"

All Hubs CM Made Aluminium

Spokes - 10 SWG Stainless Steel

Bearings - Sealed Industrial Grade

Pit-Stop Wheel Removal

Both Rear Wheels Drive Through Differential

CM Spec Hydraulic Disc Brakes on all 3 Wheels, Anti Rub Self Centering Adjustment

Gearing – 24 Speed Sram DualDrive and Shimano Options. Bottom Bracket Gearing Drive also Available

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'London Pedicabs have been using Cycles Maximus trikes for years and they have proven to be a very reliable vehicle. They are light and very manoeuverable, which makes them by far the most preferred cycle on the London Circuit for riders and operators alike. With the addition of the new advertising body and safety features, we feel they are now without a doubt the complete package'   Graeme Rivett M.D, London Pedicabs

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