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MaxVan™ - our largest Cargo Trike

Max by name and Max by nature! This Body Module can take high payload and offers our largest volume capacity on 3 wheels. A High Security unit with Central Locking option and Overhead Roller Doors for prime access, the MaxVan™ is built from Bespoke Lightweight Materials combined with Quality Design giving it fantastic functionality. This Body is a high end creation that will take any Cargo Trike business to the next level. As with the CourierTrike™ and AeroTrike™ this body also lends itself well to the world of Branding and Advertising

Overall MaxTrike™ Dimensions

Length 286 cm, Width 119 cm, Height 168 cm

300Kg Payload

Max Cargo Body Features

Fits Series 910 Chassis

Internal Dimensions - L 143 cm W 96 cm H 109 cm

Internal Volume 1.5 m³

Thermally Insulative Material

Interior light Option

Roller Door Rear as Standard, Left or Right Side Roller Door Options

Manual Locking as Standard, Central locking Options

Hi-Volume Capacity

Rubber Bump Stops on Rear Corners

Good Rider Visibility

Tough Floor Material

Good for Full Vinyl Wrapping and Branding Stickers

Integrated Tough Plastic Mudguards with Front and Rear Facing Full-Width Reflectors

Simple Lighting or Full LED Lights Available

Standard Colour Silver

Colour options: -

Colour Chart

Please note that this colour chart is only an approximate guide - computer monitors and graphics cards etc. can show these colours differently

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Max Van Trike

'Cycles Maximus were the best choice for us and our varied activities, with well-made robust products which fitted our needs, they helped us to become a great success. We use our vehicles to help transport over 200,000 items of freight a year, collect tonnes of trade waste and move thousands of people around our town. Without a doubt Maximus are key to enabling us to deliver a high level of service with dependable vehicles' - Will Vaughan - Hereford Pedicabs and Cargo

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